I can work on myself, but can you coach my husband?

We all know from experience, every change needs to be sustained, and when we make a powerful transition we need some support and guidance. How do I know that? Well I have my own coach who coaches me to stay focused and on the right path, as with every person I also tend to veer off path and need a neutral party to support me.

Many ladies during the calls and via email have written in saying:

I can work on myself, but can you coach my husband?

The answer to that is YES I can coach your husband and children. But if something in your world is not working, you are not getting the results you want – that change needs to begin with YOU! 

Today’s video blog, Monday Mornings with Sunaina Episode 53, I urge you  as a woman to take ownership of your own results and if there is any area of your life that is not going in the direction you want it to, grab the steering wheel and CHANGE! Don’t depend on someone else to drive you in a different direction – STOP being the passenger – be the DRIVER of your own life!

When you begin to think, act and feel differently – you begin to change your personality. When you change your personality – you will see the change reflected in your PERSONAL REALITY.

A lady asked me about the Law of Attraction, very simply put you attract into your life – your relationships, finances, and experiences – based on the vibration and energy level you operate on. And YOU need to change the way you think, feel and act to change the vibration, energy levels to create a different reality and results!

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