How can I be more productive during the summer holidays?

A very conscientious teen has written in with today’s question: How can I be more productive during the summer holidays?

The summer holidays are a long stretch of time for children who have been working hard, managing their time to fit in academics, extra-curricular activities and the rigors of school life. And suddenly these months seem like a long stretch of time if not ‘filled’ up. Our human need to be ‘doing’ something. Children are so used to being slaves of the clock, that if they are not stimulated 24/7 they begin to feel they are not utilizing their time optimally.

As a Youth Coach for children, I would like to clarify that weekends, term breaks, summer breaks are an essential part of being productive. Just like when we go to the gym and do muscle strengthening exercises we are advised to give a break day for the muscles to repair and rejuvenate; children need these holidays and breaks to relax and rejuvenate. Allowing their mind and body to relax in preparation of the next academic year.

So, today’s video blog offers some tips to young teenagers to ‘doing’, peppered with some tips on ‘being’. My personal advice would be to focus more on the ‘being mindful and meditating’ tips and experience the increased focus and enjoyment in your ‘doing’.

Today’s question by a teen – How can I be more productive during the summer holidays? – is answered in the video blog Monday Mornings with Sunaina (Episode 41).

1) Relax and sleep in. Teens on an average school day only get 6-7 hours of sleep. Teens need over 8-9 hours, so sleep! Also build in an exercise routine – play outdoors – go to the gym – play together as a family.

2) Volunteer for charitable organizations – where your time is needed and valued. Intern for companies who will hire teens to do some summer jobs.

3) Use the summer holidays to introduce the practice of meditation and mindfulness into your life and thereby increase your focus and concentration in your academics, sports and any other activities.

4) Start blogging for free – topics from music – to movies – to books – be creative! You could create pocket money out of blogging.

5) Reflect – on your goals. Create a Vision Board for your goals and dreams.

6) Read books, listen to audios and podcasts. A lot of free content and training material is available for you to increase your knowledge of things you enjoy and are passionate about.

7) Cooking – take part in the kitchen – learn about ingredients, grocery shopping, money management.

8) Family time – bonding and reconnecting with your siblings and parents.

So I hope this video blog helps you to design your summer holidays using a combination of the above tips and balance relaxation with new learnings!

Action: Send me an email with a photo of your Vision Board and share it with your friends!