My child does not face challenges and gives up without trying

Our benchmark for our child and ourselves usually is 10/10 and then we define whether we have done well or not. However, sometimes it is this very benchmark that can create fear of failure or on the other hand extreme inertia to attempt something. How many of you parents procrastinate? If you go within you, you will realize that it is some fear that pushes you away from doing and towards procrastinating.

Most parents want their child to succeed in whatever they take part in or at least do well. However, in the most basic of aspirations some parents struggle with just wanting their child to face a challenge with bravado. A child could refuse to try something new or give something a shot because of negative beliefs, fears and many other reasons.

Episode 74 we explore strategies on how to encourage your child to try something by creating a safe space for him/her to make mistakes and learn.

  • Notice your child’s self talk by listening to his language. Is he saying too many “I can’t”. Also tune into your own self-talk, what are you saying about yourself, how many “I CAN” do you say during the day.
  • Your child’s beliefs – his opinion about what he believes he is good at or not so good at. These beliefs are formed by his own experiences, what he picks up from his parents, peers, teachers and other figures of authority. By helping your child to focus on his “good beliefs” you will help him build confidence and the ability to face new challenges.
  • Share your own failures and mistakes with your child so that he understands that it is normal to fail. Example of JK Rowling author of the Harry Potter series of books.
  • Discuss with your child that every failure has a learning that comes with it. Teach him to look for the gift in the failure.
  • As parents create a safe space for your child to make mistakes and experiment.
  • Experimenting and taking risks is the foremost quality in a leader and by encouraging your child to take risks you are fostering the leader in him.

If you want your child to develop leadership skills of taking risks, becoming focused, managing his time etc. enroll him for Athena’s Youth Coaching Program which is conducted one-on-one, one hour sessions, once a week over a period of 10 weeks.

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