Message for Teens

I would like to congratulate you for coming to this page.

You could be here for various reasons:

  • you have been searching for someone to support you to make some changes in yourself and your life
  • you have been struggling to get clarity about your goals and your career direction
  • you lack focus and know that in order to excel you need to develop more focus
  • you have a tough time communicating with your family, teachers, friends and want to break out of this shell
  • you want to create awesome results for yourself, you know you have the potential and can do it, but want someone to show you how
  • your parents have introduced you to me and my work with smart and motivated children like yourself and they think it would be a good idea for us to meet
  • you have been told about my youth coaching program for children like yourself by a friend who has got the right support and wants you to benefit from it also

Well, whatever the reason is, you are here.

It marks the opening up of your mind to the infinite possibilities that you can create for yourself and your life. So do make a note of the time, date and place where you are right now because you are going to embark on a journey and your life is not going to be the same again.

I would like to clarify what I am NOT:

  • I am not a psychologist
  • I do not make you lie down on a sofa and talk
  • I do not hypnotize you
  • I am not your parents hired speak
  • I am not your molly coddling aunty

Who am I and what do I do?

I am a Life Coach.

Just the way you have a tennis coach who teaches you techniques of the game, how to play your strong hand and down play your weakness, how to focus on the ball etc.

In the same manner, I help you develop techniques to play the game of life to the best of your ability so that you can get the results you want – like excel at academics, sports, make more friends, be positive, communicate with confidence, be more relaxed around exams and studies and many more.

Why I do this work

  • I have two children of my own and I love working with children because I find you to be so receptive to developing new skills.
  • I feel young when I interact with young people, and well..who doesn’t want to feel young all the time!
  • I feel inspired to work with children like you because I feel I am helping create change in an indirect manner. You kids are the leaders of tomorrow and if I can be a positive influence in your life – you will help create a world of love and harmony.
  • I also coach parents and adults so that they have more clarity and confidence in leading you to be happy and positive
  • If children and parents work together to create a family unit of tolerance, peace and harmony then this will create a ripple affect on the whole planet.

The reason I am explaining my bigger mission to you is because I know you are intelligent and mature enough to understand how I want to positively impact the planet. And I also know, I can only do it through wonderful children like you.

Are you ready to develop some fabulous skills and techniques that will transform you into the young adult you so want to be?

Are you onboard?

Ask your parents to use the contact form or if you have any further questions do feel free to email me directly on with the Subject: Youth Coaching