Wishing everyone a fabulous Valentines month – lets talk relationships!

Given it’s the month of Valentines the flavor and topics for the month will be relationships! Of course there are many facets of relationships and today we are going to discuss the most interesting of them all – Marriage!

What is a marriage? What is a relationship?” Yes, are we all not trying to figure that one out!

You will break some myths about what marriage is and add some musts to keep your relationship strong:

  • Marriage is made of three parts. A marriage is made up of a husband, wife and “us.” It is a myth that for a marriage to work you need to lose your identity. On the contrary a secure relationship or marriage will shape your identity even further to allow you to be yourself, your true self.
  • Marriage Maths. When you fight the ‘us’ gets depleted. What it means is that by one person winning the fight the ‘us’ will still be less because a negative and a positive will make the sum total less. On the other hand when you both are working together positive plus positive will add to the relationship and make it stronger.
  • Trust you are in the relationship for the greater good. Your spouse is not trying to irk you, he/she is behaving in a particular manner due to some issues he/she might be facing. Have you tried to give him/her space instead of accusing him/her of constantly bothering you?
  • Behaviour is just a part of the person. Look at what your spouse is bringing to the relationship in terms of security, loyalty, integrity etc.
  • Focus on the issue at hand. Starting from a small point or issue, we tend to escalate the matter so much in our minds that we lose sight of the small point. And then the relationship further suffers.
  • Resolve the issue while on a walk. Talk to your spouse how you are feeling and how you would want his/her support in an environment that is relaxed and where both of you are alone and you can be honest.
  • Do not compare the inside of how you are feeling with the outside of others. Remember misunderstandings and fighting is a part of every marriage and relationship. Don’t compare how you are feeling inside with the photos of romantic dinner dates posted by others. No one posts photos of them fighting. Be realistic. Real life and cyber life are not necessarily the same.
  • When you work on yourself the ripple effect will positively impact your relationship with your spouse and family. Even if ONE person works on creating more clarity and confidence it will completely transform your relationship. I speak from experience of coaching many individuals whose changed outlook completely transformed their relationships with their spouse, children and friends.

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