Time Management for Kids

Time Management for Kids

Time Management for Kids should be taught to kids when they are young so that they understand the benefits of this important skill.

We all know that everyone has only 24 hours in a day, but it is important to learn the skill of time management to be successful.

The difference between a successful person and another is the skill of time management.

Are you consciously teaching your child this important skill for success?

Time Management for Kids: Do you have a schedule for your child leading upto exams?

The same way you have a water tank holding X litres – you know that X litres supplies water to the various taps/faucets in your kitchen, garden, bathrooms, showers etc. The container, your water tank is FIXED. Depending on the demand for the day or week you might need to adjust which area might need more water and where you need to lessen your use.

In the same way – leading upto exams – ALL of us have that one month, one week, one day leading upto the exams and it is important for you and your child to know how to OPTIMISE and make the BEST use of the time available. Therefore Time Management for Kids is a skill they need to learn to be able to reach their full potential.

We discussed the steps to ensure that Kids make the BEST use of your time:

💢 FIX the LEAKY pipe. Is your child wasting time that could be used in a better way? Time management in Kids will help them realise that the first step is to ensure that they stop wasting precious time in things that have no benefit to their academics, relationships, health or well being.

💢 Gadgets – how much time is your child wasting on gadgets?
💢 Social media – how much time are kids spending on social media and other applications that can be rationed over this time period.
💢Thoughts – negative thoughts – expectations of parents.

One would think that this point is not relevant when it comes to Time Management for Kids.

But it is one of THE most common areas which kids share with me when they blank out before an exam or go into panic mode during a test. (watch the LIVE recording for a detailed explanation). You would be surprised with the pressure of expectations kids suffer both from themselves and their parents that causes kids to struggle with panic and anxiety during exams.

💢A written schedule is important so that BOTH you and your child become aware of EXACTLY where and how he is spending time.
💢Your child will realize the benefits of a written schedule that is stuck on the wall – because he no longer will need to justify his break and gaming time because that will be part of the schedule.
💢You will be able to relax more because you will have the information about the time your child is meant to be studying and at what time he is meant to take his break.
💢By putting down his time usage your child will be able to see and understand where he needs to make changes and adapt his time to suit the demands of exam season.

A written schedule means less nagging and more peace in the home front.

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