How to Communicate as Parents so your Children Listen to you

A 3-part Video Series to help you communicate with your child so that he/she listens to you.

Hi, I'm Sunaina Vohra, Youth & Parent Coach for families just like yours.  Over the last 7 years, I have worked with hundreds of teens & parents from all over the world, and the biggest thing my clients struggle with is communicating with their children.

It is only through effective communication that parents can connect with and understand their children, define boundaries, impart values and discipline and create more peace & harmony in the family. Unfortunately, many parents come to me complaining that their children don't listen to them - and they're frustrated with repeating themselves over and over again.

If that sounds like you, then well..your struggles are over.

Grab Instant Access to this video-series in which I'm sharing:

  • The top 3 secrets to gain the positive attention of your child
  • The one thing that you need to tune into to get your child to respond to you in the correct manner
  • The exact language to get your child to follow through with what you ask!

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