10 Minute Roasted Mediterranean Shrimp Bowl For a Healthy Breakfast



1. Quick Prep, Big Flavor: Whip up a savory Mediterranean shrimp bowl in under 10 minutes. 2. Protein-Packed Breakfast: Shrimp provides a high-protein kick to start your day right.

1. Heart-Healthy Omega-3s: Boost your omega-3 intake with delicious roasted shrimp. 2. Vibrant Veggie Mix: Colorful veggies add nutrients and crunch to your bowl.

1. Mediterranean Magic: Olive oil, garlic, and herbs infuse a Mediterranean flair. 2. Low-Calorie Option: A satisfying breakfast without packing on the calories.

1. Easy Cleanup: Minimal dishes, maximum taste – perfect for a hassle-free morning. 2. Customizable Goodness: Tailor ingredients to suit your taste preferences and dietary needs.

1. Balanced Nutrition: Achieve a well-rounded breakfast with a mix of food groups. 2. Satisfying and Energizing: A tasty way to fuel your morning without sacrificing time.


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