20-Minute Shrimp Stir Fry Dinner (so easy!)



Quick Prep: Start by deveining and peeling shrimp. Chop colorful veggies like bell peppers and broccoli for a vibrant stir fry.

Flavor Boost: Mix soy sauce, ginger, and garlic for a savory marinade. Add a dash of honey for a sweet kick.

Efficient Cooking: Sauté shrimp first, then set aside. Stir-fry veggies until tender, reintroduce shrimp, and pour in the flavorful sauce.

Time-Saving Tricks: Use pre-cooked rice or noodles for a speedy base. Opt for frozen veggies to cut down on chopping time.

Customizable Delight: Experiment with different sauces or spice levels. Toss in sesame seeds or crushed peanuts for added crunch and flavor.

One-Pan Wonder: Keep it simple by using just one pan. Less cleanup means more time to savor your delicious, quick meal!


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