Why Jonathan Majors Arrest Didn't Impact 'Loki'



1. Speculation Surrounding Finale Edits: Marvel's 'Loki' Season 2 finale sparked rumors. 2. Jonathan Majors' Impact: Fans questioned if his role prompted changes.

1. Multiverse Unveiling: The finale promised multiverse revelations, heightening fan curiosity. 2. Editing Room Secrets: Marvel's history of last-minute changes fueled the speculation.

1. Preserving Surprises: The studio may edit to maintain unexpected plot twists. 2. Marvel's Secrecy: The franchise often guards major spoilers until release.

1. Fan Theories: Viewers debated potential Majors-related alterations in the finale. 2. Character Developments: Loki's storyline intricacies may be affected by edits.

1. Post-Credits Clues: Speculation intensified due to post-credits scenes' cryptic nature. 2. Marvel's Response: The studio's silence fueled further speculation among the fanbase.


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