Helps children get better results in many areas of their life ranging from increased self-confidence, to becoming more focused in their academics/sports, to improving their communication skills, managing their time better, reducing stress and overall becoming more proactive and positive.
The Youth Coaching Program helps your child design their life using the most awesome tools and techniques, creating a life of success and happiness. The Youth Coaching Program gives your child an edge with life skills that will help to make him more resilient and develop his leadership skills.

[row][two_column]Your children are living in a world very different from yours. Their minds and bodies are also developing at a much faster pace and as parents you are sometimes at a loss of how to manage your current reality with what you perceived your children and family life to be.

The information overload and unlimited and, sometimes unnecessary exposure makes your children mature much earlier and paradoxically making them a lot more vulnerable than ever before! The continuous bombardment of various messages coming through various uncontrollable sources can leave your child confused and beaten.
[/two_column][two_column]Youth Coaching[/two_column][/row]

Many a times your child might develop negative beliefs like “I’m ugly/fat,” or “Math is not my strong subject,” “Reading is too hard for me,” or “ I am always going to have poor health,” “Nobody wants to be my friend.” These beliefs can then escalate and manifest themselves as bigger problems in their youth and adult lives.

[row][two_column]Youth Coaching[/two_column][two_column]Attempts at getting rid of deeply entrenched negative patterns and replacing them with positive beliefs at a later age can be as painful as pulling teeth.
Youth Coaching can help your child because it equips him for the best life he can have, regardless of his current set of circumstances. Social challenges, a misunderstood communication style, poor time management and many other problems can be identified and solved or circumvented, giving your child years and years of happiness.[/two_column][/row]

Youth Coaching can help your child to:

• Build confidence and self-esteem.
• Increase performance in sport, music or school.
• Communicate with clarity and confidence with both peers and adults
• Empower them to take control of their thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
• Deal with peers better.
• Realize they are in charge and can change the situation they are not happy about.
• Learn relaxation skills.
• Set realistic and achievable goals.
• Learn the power of creative visualizing and focusing on their dreams.
• Learn ways to be motivated to achieve personal success.


All my sessions with children are confidential unless they give me permission to discuss our conversations with their parents. Most children are happy for me to talk to their parents between sessions. It not only allows me to make the parent aware of how the child wants to solve the problem but also allows the parent to know what changes they can expect to see. With the parent on my side they can talk to the child about their emotional and behavioural progress and encourage them to keep going with changing their actions/thoughts/beliefs.